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  • Nancy Wheeler

2021 | A New Narrative

Who isn’t thrilled to shout out that 2020 is done? Onward 2021!

We may wish to pause here. This is a moment to absorb. Not simply to round a cathartic corner but to consider the crossroad at our feet. Unbelievable challenge forced us to break away from an unsuited mold, to begin shaping new models and expectations for the road ahead.

The journey continues. Hardship encompasses so many people, in our own communities and well across the world. We have only just emerged from a year that disrupted the rhythm of our lives and challenged us beyond compare. And yet, bright spots.

We faced uncertainty and adjusted in ways we once thought impossible. Our gratitude, resilience, and optimism emerged stronger. We learned to connect in new and meaningful ways and deepened our commitment to community. This journey certainly merits the perspective gained along the way.

The elements in this great experiment we call life are changing. We have an opportunity to decide what truly worked before that can be built upon to energize for the future.

So, 2021.

Throughout history, the number 21 has been symbolic of success, perfection, creative spirit, and change.

Founded in 1828, Merriam-Webster defines change as “to replace with something else, especially something new and/or better.” In some ways, the experiences of last year draw us to innovate, “to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods or ideas.”

Between the two, we can honor the experiences, lessons, and models of the past as we strike out for the future. Let burdens fall away – carry forward those elements that worked and helped us to grow.

Where do we go from here? As we paint over elements of the old system, we now are real-time creating, experiencing, and defining the narrative for the new chapter unfolding around us. We must consider what that story will be. For ourselves, our families, and our professional lives.

We now have both feet in 2021. Are you charting a different course? Perfecting the one you are on? It is probably not a stretch to think you might already be drowning in to-dos.

Take a moment, all the same.

Consider an experience or piece of knowledge you gained last year. Draw it out, focus it. Infuse it with creative spirit – let that experience expand and take shape into something that will enrich you and your world, right now.


January marked WheelerConnect’s 2nd anniversary.

I am grateful for your unwavering partnership, friendship, and support.



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