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  • Nancy Wheeler

Lessons From Safari


To have or establish a rapport; to establish a relationship | Merriam-Webster

Sunrise on safari | photo credit: Nancy Wheeler

As we look at ways to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues, technology is indispensable to us. The world is literally in our hands, alive and open in an instant. Indeed, without technology, we tend to feel isolated or less “productive.”

Last month, I experienced safari in South Africa. This long-planned trip was incredible and eye-opening. What remains with me, in spite of the cautious return home, was this opportunity to connect with and to the natural world – a world where our indispensable technology took a back seat, or rather, did not exist at all. We observed breathtaking animals in their natural and wild habitat. Living, surviving. The construct of our modern existence was absent and the distance from our instantaneous lives was striking. We struggle to control the world from which we evolved, but it is the one with which we must work to establish a relationship.

The world of the African bush was a reminder that we are all part of something much bigger. We are further from the natural world now more than any other time in recent history, and yet the power of technology enables us to make unlimited, unique connections.

These connections are essential for our intellectual, emotional and physical health, and as much for the overall health of our world order. So, as we enter uncharted territory, let’s continue to discover news ways to connect, establish relationships with each other and stay tied to the vastness of our natural world. There is value in balance.

Giraffe, zebras, and the elusive leopard | photo credit: Nancy Wheeler



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